About the company Software Contracts

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Software Contracts is a company in NZ that was founded in September 2010 by James Burnby in Nelson, New Zealand. Software Contracts help to find custom solutions for your business problems. Ultimately custom software and business process improvement is a high return way to fix business problems but we have many other business solutions available to suit everyone. We are still based in Nelson but have business managers across the country.

What Are The Business Solutions That Software Contracts Provide?

Picture for Software Contracts business solutionsSoftware Contracts goal is to be the one stop service centre for all of your software needs, whether it to be support or creation of it. We are absolutely passionate about business process improvement and custom software development. We believe if custom software development is to enable and automate business processes then you will get the maximum return on investment. We provide many business solutions rather than just software such as:

IT Marketing Consulting
Spreadsheet Design
PC Speed Up
Online Advertising On Your Behalf
Making Websites For Your Business
We Can Sell Items For You
Business Process Mapping
Business Process Improvement
Custom Software Developing
Selling Services On Your Behalf
Website Analytics
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
We can make icons


Please have a look at the business services that we provide with descriptions here.

What Are The Software Contracts Branches?

Software Contracts BranchesIt is our goal at Software Contracts to have a branch in every province in New Zealand to assist as many New Zealand businesses as we can. Please visit our branches page to find out more on the branches we currently have available.

If you want to virtually run your own business like Software Contracts then please see if there is a job vacancy available in your area.

Who Are The Staff Behind Software Contracts?

The icon to represent the Software Contracts staffAt Software Contracts we are very particular about who we employ or contract to make sure you, the business customer get the best help that you can get. All customer facing staff must show they have had some business management experience. To see more on our business management staff please click here.

Software Contracts Blogs

Software Contracts Blog PictureWe aim to bring out a blog out once a month to keep all of our followers up to date with business tips or news. We also post often on our social media sites, mostly on Facebook. Please like us on one of the social media sites top right of this page to stay in touch. You can view all of our current and history blogs here.

Contact your closest business manager and ask about Software Contracts.